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SEEKING 4 actors for CTV commercial in Bay Area

Shoot Date: Thursday 9/7
All roles local hires to bay area and can self report to set.
  • Sarah: Female, 30’s, Any Ethnicity, she’s hosting thanksgiving dinner at her home.

  • James: Male, 30’s, Any Ethnicity. Sarah’s husband, doing his best to help

  • Aunt Margaret: Female, 50’s or 60’s, Any Ethnicity. She’s got a new boyfriend and they just came back from a cruise.

  • Robert: Male, 60’s, Any Ethnicity. Margaret’s new boyfriend. He’s fallen asleep on the couch with a sunburnt nose.

SUBMIT to by Monday 9/4. Please include Name, Headshot, and Reel.


TERMS $250 stipend




Farmgirl Flowers. Exclusive Designs Made With Responsibly Sourced Flowers. Happiness Delivered To Your Door. Quick Easy Ordering. Making Gifting Quick & Easy.

Concept 1: 
A very burnt turkey covered in foil comes out of the oven. Smoke billows into the kitchen. Uh oh!
A hurried body runs past the camera carrying a serving dish to the table.
We’re in the dining room now. We see a messy bread basket passed between hands. There’s laughter too. “Stop tipping in your chair, you’ll fall over.” 
Flowers are revealed on the table.
We see another body brush past the camera. Everyone’s sitting now, passing dishes and plates. 
We see a hero shot of the flowers. They look amazing. Someone spills food across the foreground as we hear the group react. “Ooohhh!” 


Concept 2: 
Two women hug warmly, finishing up their catch up sesh. “Hang in their lady” Margaret says while hugging tight. “You as well, we got this, “ says Sarah.
The women part and Sarah opens her phone. We see her hands scrolling on Farmgirl Flowers website. Fingers select flowers on the phone.
Sarah begins recording a message, "Hey, I know this year has sucked for both of us, but I really couldn't have gotten through mine without you. Thank you so much for always being there when I needed you most."
As we hear the VO, we see Margaret open a door to reveal a box. The box is brought inside. And opened. The flowers are beautiful, hand crafted. 
Margaret's phone on the counter next to the box pings - it's a notification to watch the video. She picks up the phone and starts watching the video. Her eyes well up as she smiles watching the video.




QuickFrame is a simpler, smarter way to create more video. Immediately unlock high-performing, high-quality video assets for all of your campaigns.

Savvy Studios is a husband and wife led creative studio based out of california. They create strategic visual content for a wide range of brands, agencies, and influencers including VaynerMedia, WarnerMedia, Budweiser, Mattel and many more.

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