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Video Production Savvy Studios

Strategy first video.

Flexible & Efficient while still kicking ass.

Our Approach
Hi, we're David & Jess.

We saw some problems at our old agency jobs...

  • Creatives lose track of the project goals

  • The process is so slow

  • It's way too expensive!

So we asked, "Can we streamline the process and still knock your socks off."

Answer: yes.
Cost Efficient

 We build teams that prioritize strategic creation, putting an emphasis on cost-efficient processes.

Strategy First

We aren't just a hired gun. We want to intimately understand your goals first. Let's be partners.

AAA Quality

We maximize production value, no matter what the budget size. Cheap doesn't have to mean bad.

You can have both.

Sublime, but expensive.
Fast, but gross.
Our Work

Our Work

flexible creation.

What our clients say about us.

Glo Gambino
Senior Producer, VaynerMedia

“Savvy Studios excel not only as organized and innovative producers, but also as invaluable team players, constantly helping us improve process and streamline communications. They put the team before themselves, protect their people, and are the first to problem solve with a smile on their faces. They inspired our team to echo their noteworthy work and can multitask like few others. Savvy is a true asset to the work and culture of wherever they find themselves.”

Nate Holbrook
Director of Post Production, WarnerMedia

“I highly recommend Savvy Studios as a one-stop creative powerhouse. They are thoughtful, with a keen sense of both the client’s goals and the audience’s desires, and very motivated. During their time with Fullscreen as our go-to editor for all of NBC’s extended networks I could totally trust Savvy to ideate and pitch creative that was informed by strategy and insights and then to produce well-crafted videos that spoke to the exact demographic they were targeting. On top of it all, they are good people and sweet human beings!”

Justin Omega Lee
Marketing Director, B.R. CO

“The Savvy team are truly gifted and talented producers and strategists that far exceeded the expectations of our entire Executive Team. We consider Savvy a long term partner for our company whom we can rely on for all things media and creative. Savvy Studios adds tremendous value to my Media and Marketing division and is a major contributor to the overall value I deliver to our brand. Thank you for your passion, your commitment, your emotional intelligence, and placing others first.”

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